John Brathwaite | Jazzmobile's Three Pianos Concert

It was a warm summer evening dedicated to the memory of Dr. Billy Taylor. Three pianists were scheduled to play but there were changes. Dr Barry Harris was unable to come and Aaron Diehl was added as a surprise guest.
THe lineup was phenomenal: Christian Sands, Eric Diehl, Norman Simmons and Aaron Diehl were the pianists. Melba Joyce supplied the vocals, andCraig Harris was on trombone, Chip Jackson , on bass,Tia Fuller was on saxophone, Winard Harper was on the drum set, and Cecil Bridgewater played trumpet and handled the announcements.
What an evening!
Cecil BridgewaterAaron DiehlEric ReedChristian SandsNorman SimmonsCecil BridgewaterChip JacksonChristian SandsAaron DiehlMelba Joyce accompanied by Christian sandsEric ReedMelba Joyce